Agriculture and fishing in Greece are the main resources of the Dodecanese Islands. With tourism…


Agriculture remains a main activity on the islands, especially for the local market. However, it remains difficult in some islands due to weather conditions (droughts, torrential rains, etc.) and the nature of the soils (erosion, aridity, etc.).

In the islands, the culture is typically Mediterranean: vines, olives,citrus fruits, almonds, figs…

Cultures that contribute to the beauty of landscapes. Half of the island’s production is olive groves, one third of vineyards and one-quarter of orchards. It is no coincidence that Greece is the world’s third largest producer of olive oil and the 11th largest producer of wine…

In the DODECANESE you will find wine, THYME   HONEY

especially in LEROS

that can be found at SWEET LEROS in PANDELI



60 of the bars and sars sold in France come from the Dodecanese. Fishing areas are the subject of a close struggle between Greek fishermen but also with Turkish boats.

Although there are many professional fishermen who go offshore for massive net fisheries. Fishing is practically a traditional activity on the Greek islands of the Dodecanese. Many Greeks have their own CAIQUES

often from the family patrimony with which they go fishing for SEA URCHINS


Often it’s almost a semi-pro activity after work around 2-3p or on winter weekends to fill the freezer with seafood that they will cook later often on the barbecue.

Yet you can also notice the exorbitant price of fish in restaurants 45 euros per kilo in category A!!! Tasty is the VAT rule for fishermen. Is sell their fish HT (hello European equality) and it is up to the customers (restaurants for example to evaluate it which can partly explain the prohibitive price of the end customer at the restaurant. Rest assured if it is for your personal consumption at home, you will find a much more attractive price !!!

Currently in 2022, fishing in LEROS is strongly disturbed by the presence of many DOLPHINS AND SEALS.



It is not the same in
as it is abroad for reasons of European standards and consumer habits.


is a real controlled appellation like wine of which the Greeks are very careful of defense.

MISTRIKA is a specialty of LEROS cheese like a Parmesan cheese to eat with pasta. You can buy some under the coat or more surely from all the shepherds. It can be hard or soft for an excellent flavor quite similar to mozzarella but more spicy.


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Agriculture and fishing in Greece

Bateau d’excursion Aghios Yorgios à leros Agjia Marina


L”élévage de chèvres à Leros


Mainly goats and sheep, in recent years the number of livestock has exploded, certainly in connection with the common agricultural policy of the EUROPEAN UNION…

But local consumption is important when it comes to lamb and it is the main dish for religious festivals especially in EASTER. The goat deliciously cooked at the restaurants in ARKIOU is an exceptional flavor.