The area has a long history since ancient times. It is believed that in Partheni was the temple dedicated to the goddess Artemis (Diane). In the archaeological area of PARTHENI, there are remnants of a prehistoric residential area dating from 3800 b.c., while in recent years, remnants of another temple built during the Hellenistic period have been discovered.

Artemis (is, in the GREEK MYTHOLOGY, the goddess of the wild, the HUNTING, childbirths and one of the goddesses associated with the MOON with Hecate and Selene (as opposed to his brother APOLLO, who is associated with the SUN).

She is the daughter of ZEUS and LETO and the twin sister of Apollo (or simply her sister according to the Homeric anthem dedicated to her), with whom she shares many common traits. It has the power to give birth to epidemics and on the contrary has the power to heal.

It is also the cause of the sudden deaths and the evil that takes women into diapers. It is protective of roads and harbours, very young children and baby animals. His worship related to the great moments of a woman’s life: her birth, puberty and death.

It has been assimilated in Roman mythology to the goddess DIANE.



There is indeed a signpost of the temple of Artemis on the road to the airport in the north of the island. After several explorations, the exact location of the temple remains a mystery…

But LEROS is the island of Artemis… Then there is an ARTEMIS TAVERN in
and especially ARTEMIS is the name of the Dance Club of Leros renowned throughout Europe.

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