At the table in Leros a great time of day lunch and dinner are an opportunity to discover the talents of the island’s 50 or so restaurants

Here are some suggestions to discover during your stay in LEROS:

  • SPAGHETTI WITH LOBSTERS the inventor on the island is the tavern of DIMITRIS KARAFLAS
  • TONOSALATA is a delicious, creamy tuna salad
  • KEFTEDES  (the plural in Greek from KEFTES) are delicious pork meatballs with eggs and breadcrumbs flavoured with herbs and cumin and fried in olive oil.
  • SOUZOUKAKIA is the version of meatballs bathed in an abundant tomato sauce
  • TARAMOSALATA is an exquisite salted mullet egg puree. If it is too pink it will be from that the same provenance as what you find in your usual supermarket. If it is just a little pinkish it is because it will be fresh and will be a killing !!!