In GREECE, everything converges on ATHENS. Whatever your motivation, there is a certain pride in going to the Hellenic capital. Everyone has their little plans and tricks for their stay and there are many Ilian communities including SANTORINI and CRETA.

When you are on the FERRY, the Greeks who are with you are not on tourism. Often island have no other choice of transport to go to Athens. Then you will be with businessmen, people who go to Athenian hospitals…

LEROS is only about 170 km from Athens but it will take you a 10 hour to make the ferry ride…

The Greek people have the distinction of having a larger diaspora than those who live in Greece but they will never miss the opportunity of the annual holidays to come back to their country. Another peculiarity Athenes and the attic region the huge suburb of the Greek capital have more than 5 million people for a total population of around 10 million Hellenic citizens. disproportionality, especially in relation to the islands. the peculiarity can be found in the weather on television where there are about ten different points in the capital.

The capital is at least neglected at every religious festival in the country, including the feast of EASTER,
where everyone likes to meet up with their family and leave the megalopolis. You will also have almost deserted capital for the 15TH AUGUST.



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The good plans  of your Athenian stay