November 12, 1943, Operation Typhoon on the island of Leros, the Battle of Leros

On September 3, 1943, the ITALIANS who overthrew Mussolini on July 23 ceased their alliance with the Germans, signing the armistice with the Anglo-Americans. It’s announced September 8th.

LEROSIsland, which the Italians, the occupants of DODEKANISOS,called it “Aegean Malta”. They had a well-organized naval base becoming the goal of a German attack.

Already, on September 26, 1943, the Germans sank the small and valiant Greek destroyer “Vassilisa Olga”, of glorious memory, who fought with the Allies without stopping, and the British Destroyer “Intrépid”.

The attack and conquest of LEROS by the Germans of General Muller, their last victory in the Aegean Sea, was Operation Typhoon. They settled on the island of
without being spotted. Having long been allies of the Italians, they know perfectly the terrain and the shores, know where the wet minefields are in the waters of Leros, where the cannons are, what are the blind spots in sight and fire, which will allow them to disembark and blow up their paratroopers at the less risk, with as few losses as possible.

At the dawn of 12 November 1943, the German landing units departed, passing between them the minefields of mines, and finally were almost not spotted by the British and the Italians (their allies of the day before and their enemies of the Day). There is also a corps of Indians and an Irish corps, and members of the famous Greek Sacred Battalion (Hièros Lochos).

Of the five German landing barcasses, three are affected by the Italian fire, and one is sunk. In the sky, the Allies only have two small-range British planes, Beaufighters. The Germans oppose four Messerschmitt A’s with a wide range of action. Their dive bombings, with Stuka to howling sirens, which terrify the population. They are anguishing the soldiers, especially the air defense.

The fighting, very bitter and violent, will last until 16 November. The island of 6000 leriotes, is covered with soldiers: 8000 Italians, 3800 British, 4,500 Germans. This will be the last battle, victorious, where the German paratroopers, fromATHENS,will be engaged.

At the end of the latter, the British lost 600 killed, 3000 prisoners, and 250 disappeared. The Italians will have 400 killed, 1207 of their officers will be executed by the Germans who regard them as traitors. 5351 will be taken prisoner, and there would be 2000 missing. The Germans had 600 dead.

On May 8, 1944, it is the armistice. The Germans are laying down their weapons. The British will occupy the island until May 13, 1947.

The connection to the GREECE will take place on March 7, 1948…


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