Beers in Greece are numerous, it is a real national drink.

Greek beer is good and of very good quality. The most well-known beer brands in Greece are FIX, MYTHOS and ALPHA.

In Greece, beer is also produced. It is good: blond, refreshing and light. It suits the Greek climate. Greek men love it in summer, served in an iced glass. They start  to prefer it to The Dutch beers Amstel and Heineken, with German and Belgian beers, especially sincein taverns it costs up to   1 Euro less than a foreign beer (3.50 Euros).


History of beer in Greece

150 years ago, Ioannis Fix, of Bavarian origin, created   a manually operated microbrewery in   Kolonaki (now a chic central district of Athens). The raw materials were transported on mules in bags from Parnitha. This is how the contemporary  history of beer in Greece began. It was the Greekf amily at  100 Fix (Olympic Brewery) who made beerknown in Greece, who put Fix and Mythos beer on the market. 

In recent months,Fix  has merged  with Mythos Brewery into the Danish Carlsberg family (51 stake). Yannis Chytos has been putting it back on  the front page for the last 5 years with market share. Fix is looking to be  in second place with 30 market share. Athenian Brewery (of the Heineken Group since 1963) is in first placewith a market  share of 55 (with Amstel, Heineken and Alpha beers). Fix produces 7 of the 14 trademarks in Greece. Since 2008, Fix has in Greece 3,000 Greek producers of common barley and barley that can be malted.

Small productions. The Vergina beer from Ste Makedonia Brewery created in 1998 by Dimitris Politopoulos is in  3rd place with 5 on the market. And then, Eza beer with3 on the beer  market. In recent years, several microbreweries have been created all over Greece (below 1,000 centlitres per year. Among them are Santorini’s Donkey and Volkan beer, Crete’s Brinks and Harma beer, The Island of Egap’s Septem and Delphi beer, Corfu’s beer, Rhodes’s Magnus Magister beer, Argos’ Zeos beer at Peloponnese, Chios beer and Ste Siris Mic roBrewery de Serrès who launched Voreia beer… and there are other lesser-known little beers





The beer shares it in the Greek way