On 1 January 2022 the creation of a property tax. When we know that for years the Greeks did not have (and still do not have) confidence in banks, the savings often made of cash were placed either under the mattress, or in the purchase of land, or in the construction of house (often with an organization to make summer rentals called homestay, and became AirBNB in the 2010s)
Everyone rushed to the AirBNB because it was initially tax-free. This has contributed in particular to restoring the center dilapidated by the crisis of Athens but not with a daily habitat only touristic.

How to roll the population..

Step 1

Other measures under pressure from Europe, Greece was finally forced to set up a cadastre. In Leros, the cadastre existed only in Lakki, Temenia and Lepida under the Italian occupation. Even if it gave rise to real thefts when they left in 1947 with Greeks who seized Italian property without compensation.
In the summer of 2018 the landscapes of Leros saw the emergence in many grounds of property panels to claim them  . It was still necessary to have the papers to justify them. The lawyer’s and notaries’ fees to legalize were important and there was a deadline twice pushed back until November 2019 to claim the land from the cadastres. Knowing that everything that has not been claimed will go to the Greek state within 5 years. Everyone rushed to legalize the land, the attributions of ownership were made but as the boundaries were obviously not precise, the trial period opened for many, many years. Yet the Greek state had its plan

Step 2

In the midst of a pandemic in 2021, many rules have changed. The first is a step forward with the publication of the map of the non-buildable green zone of Leros (a process that could easily take 1 year to have the authorization. The law is supplemented by two other measures: prohibition to build less than 150 m2 from the sea and especially outside cities, it is necessary to have a minimum of 4000 m2 to build. …. Land opportunities have therefore been considerably diminished and some owners who had just legalized their land have seen their heritage melt like snow in the sun. In addition, lawyers, notaries and mekanikos have seen their responsibilities engaged if they were to engage buyers in bad solutions. So here are many Greeks with their land claimed as property, a law that does not allow them to sell it and came the rest

Step 3

Until then the property taxes were ridiculous especially since the land was not cadastral, it cost nothing. After having struggled (and sometimes being in often) in trial, the property taxes were considerably increased on January 1, 2022 and so many Greeks who did not pay anything before were led to claim land that they will never be able to sell because unbuildable but on the other hand will pay the property taxes every year. Thus the state recovers by tax all that has been accumulated in the black for years.
Failure and matte
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Krithoni Hill in Leros