DODEKANISOS AND TURKEY have complicated historical relationships that regularly lead to incidents between fishermen.

The IMIA island is a source of tension between GREECE and TURKEY. There are many clashes between fishermen from both countries to the point where a no-go zone has been set up. Confusion is found in behaviours: some cannot stand up to each other and be wary of each other while others often merchants, hoteliers, restaurateurs appreciate the rich clientele who go there with big yachts . With the laws promoted in Turkey, many travel to the European Union to consume cheap alcohol when a bottle e wine reaches 100 euros in Turkey.

There is a no-traffic maritime zone between the island of KALYMNOS and the Turkish coast.

Relations are complicated between Dodecanese and Turkey, just 2 km away in places in KOS, SYMI or KASTELORIZO.

In 2019, GREECE is in a difficult phase of its relations with TURKEY. History has shown, first in 1974 and again in 1987, that the prospect of hydrocarbon discoveries is stoking tension between the two Aegean neighbours. Ankara has set out its territorial claims to CYPRUS – and it always seems to find the right time to pursue its objectives, as was the case for the 1976 Bern Agreement and then for the agreement between Greek Prime Minister Andreas PAPANDREOU and his Turkish counterpart Turgut OZAL