This year 2022 sees the presence of many dolphins and seals nestled in the underwater caves which significantly decreases the fish and the fishermen are not happy.

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is a global organization that brings to Lipsi more than 2000 hotel nights per year with scientists. It is a project funded by Europe.
The project had been proposed to LEROS for the bay of
but it was refused by the Sea of Leros under pressure from the fishermen’s lobby on the pretext that it would reduce fish. Today, LIPSI is enjoying the economic windfall of the European project and dolphins are everywhere.
For livestock farmers and farmers there is aid for natural disasters and degradation related to livestock but no aid scheme for fishing
ALONISOS conducts an important and operational experiment for the behavior of seals

Or see them? in the north of the island towards PARTHENI


  or towards AGHIA KYRIAKI   and towards the aquaculture farms that every day discard their fish not calibrated enough

Dolphins in Leros

Dolphins in Leros

Best time to see dolphins

To make the most of an outing at sea, and not to miss the main point of interest – the fabulous dolphin – it is better to choose a period during which the marine waters are not very agitated. It is better to avoid from November to March because the weather conditions are harsh for humans and do not allow to see many marine mammals.

To not lose anything of these few hours of discovery, it is highly preferable to schedule this type of sea trip between April and October and especially during the summer. The ideal is to contact professionals who organize this type of dolphin watching in France.


Observe the dolphin with the utmost respect

There are strict rules that allow dolphins to be observed in the best conditions, without ever disturbing them. The discovery of this marine mammal is therefore done with the greatest respect. The following points should be remembered:

  • Never approach dolphins if they are accompanied by dolphins that have just been born,
  • The speed of progress of the boat must be set to that of the slowest dolphin, and must never exceed five knots,
  • Do not stay more than a quarter of an hour nearby, that is, in the very area of observation,
  • Always watch dolphins from more than 100 meters.

You have to be at least five miles from the coast to admire the cetaceans. But if the dolphins seem bothered, the observation session should be interrupted immediately. Finally, if the expedition consists of several boats, it is necessary to be well organized because each observation area is allowed to only one boat at a time.

Respecting dolphins involves other rules. For example, it is forbidden to swim in the observation area. Nor do we try to touch them. As for giving them food, it is totally forbidden.