Dyo Liskarias t the end of Alinda bay.

At DYO LISKARIAS, you won’t see the day unfold. Time loses its value.

Dyo Liskarias t the end of ALINDA BAY… a feeling of the end of the world, but rest assured that there is a hamlet after Krifos whose peculiarity is, to be only a deserted beach without any inhabitant!!

Further than DYO LISKARIAS is the deserted beach of KRIFOS you can access it by boat but there is no organized route, you can negotiate the pedal boat with Vassili the boss of VARELADIKO or you have your legs about 30 minutes walk, but it’s worth it!

On the way to DYO LISKARIAS you have two very small and very quiet beaches that have their followers: PANAGIES (the bath of virgins)

Dyo Liskarias

Dyo Liskarias