It is one of the humble dishes of Greek cuisine but always fashionable (you can find them in the most chic restaurants). Yet it was the typical dish of the poor inhabitants of the Greek islands of CYCLADES. SANTORINI and CRETA are considered the islands of the yellow dal. The latter has a rough taste of a silky texture that gradually leaves its modest origin.

In Greece, yellow lathyrus lentil peas or so-called “fava” in Greek are the beloved legumes of Greece, have been part of traditional Greek cuisine since antiquity. They are very popular in Creta and in some Aegean islands including Santorini.  They are served in puree with salty dishes.

Preparing recipe recipe yellow lentils to Greek or Fava is very easy. The recipe formashed yellowsplit peas  from the typical Greek menu   and you have an original modesty dish for a natural solution lens good for health.


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