True cultures of Greek landscapes, fishing caïques are the pride of whole family. Built in the traditional wooden way, they are passed down from father to son to renovate them and bring them back to life. It is possible to come across tiny ones far from the land when you are on the ferry between the islands. The shape of their hulls make them roll copiously to the wave, and it sometimes feels like they will capsize so much they are tossed around.

The fishing caicos are the spectacle of the island of
with outings at sea at any time of the day and night. They are always bright colors

Navigation is done at the free bar often with a ritual of guiding the boat with the foot while standing to look at the cabin.

Finally its caiques are obviously equipped with speakers to broadcast music exclusively Greek but largely saturated because thoroughly !!!

The manufacture is very special. These woods are made only of wood and they must remain in the water for a good work of the material.

If the image of the fisherman going out in summer is quite bucolic, these little caicos hold the sea extremely well and they can go out in any weather. It is not uncommon to find very small ones, very far from the coast.

In this year 2022, fishermen are complaining because of a significant proliferation of dolphin and seal that depletes the fish reserve and destroys their fishing equipment especially in the region of PARTHENI andARCHANGHELOS.

Fishing caiques

Fishing caiques