Greek cuisine is rich dense and varied. There are many specialties of DODECANESE.

We talk about Greek cuisine all over the world. We’re going to a Greek restaurant, or we’re. It is known to follow the Mediterranean diet, which lengthens our lives. It is said to be delicious, simple and   healthy for the   following reasons:
The elements of the Earth alone are brought together to create Greek food: It is the sun, water and good earth that produce olive oil, wine and the biggest fruits and vegetables in Europe!
A thousand flavours: Greece is pivoting between Europe, Asia and Africa. It is influenced by these continents to adopt spices and vegetables very diverse. Olives, fruits and vegetables and wine are the basis of Greek cuisine with its many aromas.

Wide variety   of products   The wide range of products comes from the great diversity of agricultural crops in Greece. The various climates, local environments and microclimates allow us to harvest hundreds of ingredients for our recipes.
Greek cuisine is   unique The Greek land provides many local herbs, varieties of fruits and vines unique in the world.
Traditional Greek cuisine is still very present. Greek cheeses and spoon fruit   for example are part of Greek cuisine. Hundreds of recipes are local and not all are known to the Greeks themselves. These various versions adopt a combination of certain products. Difficult to realize with authenticity   the recipes of the Greek grandmothers
The Greek dish has its history. A dish exists in Greece for some reason. These stories depend on where you are. Some refer directly   to Ancient Greece
Greek cuisine is good   for your health The Mediterranean diet,also known as Cretan diet   or Mediterranean   diet is a traditional food practice based on fruits and vegetables.   It   has been inscribed on the UNESCO list since   2010. It is said that in Crete, we live longer
Greek cuisine is   meticulous It must be generated by passion and a know-how that passes from generation to generation. Enthusiasm, hard work and skill   are the qualities required to cook Greek. To cook Greek dishes, you also have to spend time. Long dishes to   cook are the best.
Some ingredients   are sacred Since ancient times, the Greeks have always thought   that olive trees, bread, fish and wine were sacred. It was like the gifts of God(s) offered to the Greeks. Some ingredients are accompanied by symbolisms and myths.
Eating in Greece and especially in the islands of DODECANESE is a real art. From the order, to the choice of dishes through passionate discussions, music, the setting and even sometimes dance to celebrate a moment of sharing.


  • OUZERI or MEZZEDOPOLEIO more dedicated to the consumption of ouzo and
    in the evening.
  • TAVERNA A tavern, a chapel and the sea: this is about what happiness can be summed up in the islands of DODEKANISOS. A tavern is a popular restaurant, where you can eat traditional and simple dishes at any time. A bit like breweries in France. They can be found in ports, villages, on beaches, everywhere. Not to be confused with a restaurant, more chic and open to hours of service only, or with an ouzeri
  • PSAROTAVERNA is a tavern specializing in fish and seafood cuisine.
  • KAFENEIO is cafe

  • OINOMAGEIREIONrestaurant of wine kitchen or we make mageirefta
  • HASAPOTAVERNA or PSISTARIA restaurant for barbecued meat or spit rotie.
  • ESTATORIO is the real denomination of the restaurant where you will find international cuisine



  • STA KAVOURNA: On the spit
  • SCHARAS: grilled for meat, fish or vegetables
  • TIGANITO: Fried


The Greek hospitality FILOXENIA at the tavern will manifest itself at the end of the meal by the offering of a cake or more often karpouzi the watermelon (often offered at the end of the meal in the islands … with a smile)





There are a lot of different kinds of OUZO. You can order by the glass (usually well stocked, or a carafaki – a small bottle of about 20 cl

  • ELIES:olives, black or green they are huge and succulent.
  • TAVLI  

    (backgammon) is the national game




  • KAVOURDISTI– fried pork is a real Kos specialty
  • SOUVLAKI : small pork or chicken skewers
  • KALAMAKI: these are the little souvlakis… that we eat without hunger… with or without pita bread or cake

  • GIEROS : the meat skewer
  • STIFADHO is a specialty rather of KOS

  • SOUTZOUKAKIA:   meatballs with wine and tomato sauce
  • KEFTEDES:   meatballs
  • SPETZOFAI:   spicy sausage slice, sautees with herbs and vegetables.
  • KOKORETSI:   a roll of offal
  • KONDOSOUVLI:   pieces of pigs
  • GOUROUNOPOULO:   suckling pig
  • PAÏDAKIA:   lamb chops
  • MPRIZOLES:   pork ratings
  • BIFTEKI:   ground beef
  • MOUSSAKA:alternating layers of minced lamb and baked eggplant
  • PASTICCIO : a macaroni gratin with a homemade béchamel, it always looks big in service.
  • KLEFTIKO:Lamb wrapped in a puff pastry and cooked in a ground pot with vegetables. Kleftiko means “thief.” The recipe would come from the lamb thieves who, after fleeing into the mountains, prepare, wrap the beast with vegetables and bury it in a hole above which they make a fire to deceive their pursuers. All they have to do is enjoy the food.
  • GARIDOPILAFO   It is a shrimp pilaf
  • FAVA
  • STIFADO   meat, game or seafood cooked with onions in a tomato puree
  • YEMISTA tomatoes stuffed in the form of stuffed peppers
  • DOLMADES the famous vine leaves
  • MAGEIREFTA dishes simmered in a casserole
  • POPI

    (only in LEROS

    at the tavern TO STEKI)


Eat Greek, it’s exquisite, it’s original and it’s good for your   health!

It’s not too late to startr…






la cuisine grecque


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