THE MATI Greek eye,what is it? Greek eye brings good luck? Yes, and it protects against the evil eye.

In general, the Greek is wary of the words uttered by others. When someone talks about death, the Greek starts banging wood to chase away this idea. When someone wishes “Good health” to a small child, he says his wish and spits very lightly on the floor so that the wish becomes reality and not bad fate.

The meaning of the evil eye in Greece: In eastern belief (Turkey, Iran) but also Greek still very much alive today, it is the look of a person related to wickedness or has too many compliments that end up taking the form of jealousy. This look has a negative effect on a person’s health and luck.

When a baby arrives at home, buys a new house or car etc, the Greeks hang a protective amulet, that is to say an eye on a blue background that will deviate any evil eye.

Why do Greeks believe in the evil eye? The evil eye or VASKANIA in Greek comes from the East. The ancient Greeks believed in it, as did the historian and the philosopher Aristotle for example. In ancient Greece, the eye was also lucky: from antiquity. There are many representations of the eye, especially on Greek ships. This belief haspassed  through the centuries in Greek society  without experiencing any alteration.

All symptoms of the evil eye or Matiasma: You suddenly feel a great fatigue (you yawn) and even to a feeling of depressive blues; Your head is spinning a little or feeling seasick (from the stomach) you have a sudden headache. Look no further, you have a bad eye!

How to protect against the evil eye or Matisama?

  • The easiest thing is to carry a Greek amulet: a bracelet, a necklace and even a ring with a blue eye. You must have, at home, in the car, in the office, that protective Greek eye in other words in Greek the“MATAKI”with the cross of Jesus or not.
  • In Greece, a family member is asked to say the exorcism prayers,practiced in your presence or not. This process is called, in Greece, Xematiasma. In a hollow plate, pour a little water (2 fingers). We put a few drops of olive oil and we make a prayer referring to Christ who conquers evil. If the drops of oil having fallen remain like pearls on the water (which is normal), we have not cast a spell on you … You’re only screwed up… but if they get together and spread out on the water, indeed very strange thing (just have very basic knowledge in chemistry), you are MATIASMENOS (in Greek) or victim of the evil eye. Then we say a more complicated, very strange and longer prayer; a prayer in order to completely exorcise the evil fate that has been unjustly cast on you.

The church evil eye for or against? The Orthodox Christian Church recognizes Xematiasma, from the moment there is this faith in God. But the prayers are not spoken by the popes. They must come out of the mouths of the Greeks of society. Prayers are taught by men of faith to grandparents, relatives and friends. As far as I am concerned, it is my Greek mother-in-law who heals me every time.

Other lucky charms exist to protect…. You saw MY BIG FAT GREEK WEEDING you will have seen Mr PORTOKALOS play continuously with his window washer product to treat bad waves, sores… I remember more personally seeing my mother literally dive into the pocket of my first car to hide an onion pod, which was obviously forbidden to remove…

The Sweet Mati Leros

The Sweet Mati Leros