HIPPOCRATES is not the inventor of medicine but of medical ethics. it is still relevant with the Hippocratic Oath for doctors around the world.

He was born in KOS around 460 BC it is believed that he was born in the first year of the 80th Olympiad, on this Aegean island, in Asia Minor, at the time of the splendour of Athens, in the great century of Pericles, in a family dedicated to the worship of ASKLEPEIOS, the Greek God of medicine, who had a temple there.

The greatest physician of antiquity travelled extensively before teaching medicine. According to the Greek author Soranos, HIPPOCRATES belonged to the illustrious family of Asklepiades-medical priests-he was the son of a named Heraclides, who claimed to be a descendant of Asklepios (Aesculapius), who gave him a divine origin in the descendants of APOLLO

His name is particularly associated with the oath, although he is probably not the author of this document which is the reference of medical ethics in the world. However, the greatest figure of ancient medicine did not create medicine: he was in fact the descendant of a long line of doctors enriched by centuries of medical observations. He has probably written only 6 of the 70 works attributed to him. These treaties are certainly the rest of the medical library of the famous KOSSchool of Medicine, but direct clinical observations of Hippocrates probably influenced the authors of these works. The most important treatise in the Hippocratic collection (5th century BC), which, instead of giving diseases a divine origin, imagines that they may come from an outside environment. The idea of preventive medicine is being considered for the first time.

Today, the island of KOS pays tribute to Hippocrates you years at FESTIVAL IPPOCRATEIA



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