HOMER gave us the Odyssey and then the Iliad. This island named Ogygia in the Odyssey is said to be that of the nymph Calypso whose charms would have distracted Ulysses on the return from the Trojan War.

According to many historians, most of them moved around the Greek coast, between the Aegean Sea, Kythera, Kelerania before returning to Ithaca. Some episodes take place on the islands of the Dodekanisossuch as the 7   years spent with Calypso on the island of Ogygy, the present LIPSI

KARPATHOS is quoted in Homer’s Iliad in the Second Song Ship Catalogue (676-680) as bringing withKOS, KALYMNOS, NISIROS, and KASOS,
thirty ships under the command of Phidippe and Antiphos to the Army of Argians led by Agamemnon and Achilles.

Homer mentioning KARPATHOS called it “the island of the winds”

The island was once a haunt of powerful giants the titans thatZEUS had to defeat before establishing its pantheon on Mount Olympus.