KARPATHOS is one of the most authentic islands in wild Greece. It is particularly rugged.
The water temperature is 4 degrees higher than the other waters of DODEKANISOS

It is necessary to be careful to visit it because the intensification of air transport is changing the island.
The island has a diaspora that has been very successful, particularly in the United States and Canada. The diaspora is very present in the life of the island.
Its very eventful history shows that at one time it was called PORFIRIS after the red dye that is made there.

Visit Pigadia,the capital city of the island built at the end of Vrontis Bay with a 4 km sandy beach where you can swim and practice water sports. The beaches of Kyra Panagia (pictured bottom left with the church),  Agios Nikolaos and Amopi are to the north of the city (7 kms). At the top of Pigadia Hill, there was an acropolis and a ruined Mycenaean palace. Near Afoti beach, you can see the ruins of one of the first Christian churches: Agia Fotini  (pictured belowright).

Go see the traditional village of OLYMPOS.  It is a village built inan amphitheatre at  an altitude of 250m. It is a village with its typical medieval architecture of the southeastern Greek islands. The asphalt road has only been  completed since last year. The 400 inhabitants of the village keep well the customsof the island:  Women still wear traditional clothes. The winding streets of Olympos with these busywomen to embroider,  calm throughout my stay, the kindness of the people of the island.

Karpathos hikes: Hikes are possible and very beautiful especially in the north-west of the island. They are well marked on karpathos, quite spectacular even if they are not always easy, especially from Olymbos to Diafani (5kms, 2h). By the way, let’s say that the flora and fauna of the island issubjugating (so-called rare flowers,  birds that looked like eagles… etc.)

The island’s specialties: The island produces cheese, oil, goat meat, bread baked in stone ovens, local wine. I tasted  the makaroun√®s in Pigadia which are homemade pasta with yoghurt and goat cheese. I tasted,  in Olympos, Vyzanti, kid stuffed with rice and grilled  in a traditional oven! What to say… fortunately I walked quite a bit to lose  one or two kilos.

The best beach is that of Appela (north of Kyra Panagia beach, east  side ), I liked  to chat with women of a certain age of the island:

It is an island where wefind the authenticity  of asimple life that has not changed  for a very long time. KARPATHOS is not yet a very touristic island… but it is becoming  more and more so.

PANYIRI FEASTES from the end of September.