KASOS is an island isolated enclosed by huge waves, looks like a Greece forgotten in the past, the most meridional of DODEKANISOS.

The island was massacred by the OTTOMANS in 1824. this massacre is commemorated every year on June 7.
Battered by the winds, Kasos is truly a remote corner of the Mediterranean world. You will find an atmosphere out of time. It lies between KARPATHOS,7 km to the northeast, from which it is separated from Crete, 45 km to the southwest: the STRAIT of KASOS.

The elliptical island of KASOS is 17 km long and 6 km wide.

KASOS is 30 kms from Crete and southwest of KARPATHOS. It is the southernst island of DODEKANISOS. The island is 65 km3 and has 1,000 inhabitants. You can arrive on the island from Crete or Karpathos. There is also a small local airport.

It is a mountainous and arid island with steep hills where the beaches are few. The waters are turquoise and transparent all around the island.  You can go to the small island of Armathia with a nice beach 

How do I get to Kassos? You can fly from Karpathos or Crete but for cooler, go to the island by ferry. The journey takes an hour and a while.

The main village of the island is FRI. It is on the edge of the beautiful little port of BOUKA (photo below left). The houses are presented as an amphitheatre on the slope of a hill to the sea. Its old stone houses belonged to captains of the merchant navy.

The village of Emporios is the second most important village on the island. There is a beautiful church dedicated to the genesis of the Panayia (Virgin Mary.

Also discover other villages like AGHIA MARINA a kilometer from FRI and visit the village of ARVANITOCHORI which is located in the only valley of the island. You will also find the picturesque villages of Panayia and Poli. Near Poli, there is a monastery, that of St Mema. If you are on the island on the evening of July 17th in Ayia Marina, take part in the summer “Ta Kassiotika” party. The locals want to wear traditional clothes to dance.

The cave of SelaÏ worth a sight to be seen 2kms from Agia Marina. You’ll see beautiful scenes of stalactites. The cave has a depth of 30 m and a width of 8 m. All around the cave, you will distinguish Pelasgian walls.

HISTORY OF KASOS: The first inhabitants were Phoenicians. According to HOMER, the inhabitants of Kasos participated in the Trojan War. We arrive at the 18th or the island builds its own fleet and gets rich by doing business. It participated in the War of Independence of 1821, but in 1824 KASOS was completely burned by the Turkish-Egyptian army and few of its inhabitants survived.