The most beautiful

KASTELORIZO is 2 km from Turkey, there is an air of the orient. Located less than seven kilometres from the town of KAS, on the southern coast of Turkey, and about 130 kilometres east of RODOS, it is more Ottoman than European.

The island is incredibly beautiful with 320 days of sunshine a year.

It is the smallest of the DODEKANISOS (9 km2 area), the most outlying and most often forgotten on the maps. Even by the Greeks bathed by the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Not to forget it completely, ATHENS decided to build an airport in KASTELORIZO so as not to have to fight Turkish pressure. It’s one of the most complicated landings in the world.

KASTELORIZO is Megisti “the greatest”. there is no beach but the crystal clear waters are home to a very rich flora and fauna. It is not on the usual sea routes in the DODEKANISOS. It offers a unique experience in the region.

South of RODOS, a tiny island in DODEKANISOS is home to a small guesthouse with its feet in the water. KASTELORIZO was for a long time the easternmost territory of Europe.

However, this little rock even had a flamboyant pass of time or, an important commercial stop between Beirut and Le Piree at the beginning of the 20th century.

KASTELORIZO saw its inhabitants dress richly, become merchants, notary clerks and erect noble Ottoman facades…

Kastelorizo near Rodos  is a Greek island.  It is the easternmost island of Greece,  3 kms south of the  Turkish coast. An island you can’t forget. You’ll have a good time there. I enjoyed the simple life there on one of the most beautiful islands of the Dodecanese. 

KASTELORIZO is 110 kms  east of Rodos. It is a very pretty island of only 9 km3 and 200 inhabitants. Kastellorizo was reintegrated into  Greece in 1948. In antiquity, the Greeks called it MEGISTI meaning “the largest”  in Greek, perhaps as opposed to the two nearby  islets, Ro and Strongyli  which means “round.”

There is a ferry  from RODOS (travel time: about 4 hours) but also flights from Rhodes (flight time: 25 min). There is only one paved road on the island that takes you from the airport to the main city. We travel on the island by bus, taxi, car, squad and of course on foot.

The city of Kastelorizo is very picturesque. Built as an amphitheatre, it reaches the sea. Its houses are very beautiful, neo-classical type called traditional Dodecanese. They wereall built with common  materials: island stone, Asia Minor wood, tiles from Antalya (Turkey) and Marseille (!). 

What to see in Kastelorizo?

 The  Castle of the Knights of the Order of St. John(14th sc after J.C.) is located on the east side of the island on the rock of Kastel Rosso (-in Italian Chateau Rouge- , hence the name Kastellorizo). There is only a rectangular tower and a few round towers. The island is occupied by the Crusaders at the 13th Sc. At the 14th sc, the Orthodox population fled the persecutions of the Latins and submitted to the Knights of the Order who incorporated them into Rhodes.

Paleokastro is the castle on the ancient acropolis (3rd sc BC) of the island (270m altitude). Inside, there is an old tower and a cistern made of huge stones, built by the Mycenaeans, 2,000 years BC.

The Monastery of Georgios tou Vouniou. Not far from Paléokastro, and at the top of the harbour, 400 stairs lead you to the Monastery of Agios Georgios (or St George). Inside, we discover the catacombs of St Charalambos.

The Lycian Tomb (4th Bc. J.C)  is unique in Greece. It is just at the foot of the Chateau des Chevaliers and is easily accessible (along a paved road). Its structure turns out to be in very good condition. The Ability  of the Lycians to sculpt tombs is impressive. There are indeed many tombs like this one inthe region of Lycia,  on the Turkish coast today, in front of the island of Kastellorizo. The Lycians loved Apollo (Lykeiou Apollo): it represented the Sun and  the Light (“Lyk” meaning Light).

The Archaeological Museum of Kastellorizo (since 1841).-see photoabove. Yes, he has a part on the castle walls. Among the exhibits are Roman statues, Hellenistic inscriptions, icons and relics of the churches of St Nikolaos and St Constantine and Helena. You can also see objects from the region’s artcollections, as well as  embroidery, clothing and traditional musical instruments… Etc

Fokiali Caves :  A visit to one of the most beautiful scenery in Greece is stalactites and stalagmites  illuminated by the timid rays of the sun. The visit is only by boat.

The Church of Agios Konstandinos and Eleni (StConstantine and Helene)(1835)

The island of RO next to Kastellorizo :Despina Achladioti( 1890-1982)  or The Heroin of Ro. She arrived on the island with her husband in 1927. She was part of the Resistance of the island, under German occupation, during the Second World War. She always stayed on the island and raised theGreek flag every day until  her death to remind, especially to the Turks opposite, that the island is indeed Greek. She died in 1982 in  Rhodes but the Greek government crowned her life onthe island and her burial was carried out  in the high honors of the Greek state. Since then, a permanent Greekguard hasensured that  the Greek flag remains raised  on one of the dominant rocks of the island, as Ro’s Heroin used to do all his life.