It is an ultra tourist island within sight of the TURKEY,the most festive of the islands of the DODEKANISOS, It is organized around the central road that crosses it from east to west.
We take the time to live Greek style with many BEAUTIFUL BEACHES all around the island. Very different they deserve a little ride on the western part of the island with the surprising buggy for hire.

In history Kos is a great cultural center . the island was conquered in antiquity by Hercules, the HISTORY OF KOS is dense.
It is deeply marked by HIPPOCRATES the inventor not of medicine but of medical ethics.
The island is very different in its western part and is with tourist concentration to the east around HORA
KOS,the third largest island in DODEKANISOS and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, has been able, in time and with care, to highlight the attractions that nature has gratified, but also its cultural heritage. It offers everyone what they dream of a trip: cosmopolitan atmosphere, beaches with crystal clear waters, picturesque villages, historic sites, high level of tourist infrastructure. The whole island where Hippocrates, father of medicine, was born and lived, seems to be an open-air museum with monuments of the ancient Greek, middle-aged scattered everywhere. It is worth renting a two-wheeler or a vehicle, as you will see, make many visitors, visit the city of Kos and other localities.
On the island of KOS you are in the Greek archipelago of DODEKANISOS (dodeca – Nissia to signify twelve islands). Greece has more than 2000 ISLANDS. The island of KOS has an exceptional climate, one of the warmest in Europe. The island is large in length about 40 kilometers with a part is very touristy and a western part around KEFALOSvery wild.

A holiday recommendation according to MADAME FIGARO  for the month of September.

The island of KOS is the largest in the north of the DODECANESEarchipelago. There is a micro-climate that gives two or three degrees more compared to other islands. The reputation of nearly 300 days of sunshine a year has not escaped the tour operators who are now colonizing part of the island. The total renovation of the AIRPORT of KOS acquired by the Germans of FRAPORT during the crisis will lead to the doubling of the runway and the increase of one. So KOS is in full construction. The island is large, it is traversed by the middle road that crosses the island from side to side. The journey is about an hour and a half and it is rather the road jungle. If the eastern part of the island is a huge tourist complex with the city of HORA,LAMBI, TINGAKI,PSALIDI, KARDAMENA, MARMARI and MASTIHARI. The western part from the airport is on the other hand much wilder with fantastic places, beautiful beaches.
The only city is KEFALOS was the capital of KOS antiquity. The main influence of KOS is its proximity to Turkey, Bodrum is only 25 kilometers away. With currency fluctuations and power, the Turks go en masse sometimes only for the day to KOS, especially to HORA. HORA with the port of Mandraki is a typical dodecanese city with several centuries of history that composes it according to the dominants and invasions.
In the PLATANOS district,ASKLEPIO is the first hospital of antiquity with Hippocrates who invented medical ethics and whose doctors from all over the world take his oath at the beginning of their exercise. In the city you will find the Greek quarter (most touristy), the Italian quarter and the Turkish quarter. Each of the invasions has left its architectural imprint, so the Turkish quarter (the nicest) is made up of many minarets. The port of Mandraki has almost nothing but tour boats. A real business that will offer you at Bodrum Day in Turkey, Vathy on the island of KALYMNOS, the island of PSERIMOS between KALYMNOS and KOS, the warm waters of THERMA LOUTRA but also the volcano island of NISIROS (but rather KARDAMENA). The boats compete for strengths and attractions to make you spend a memorable day. On the east coast north of Hora you have the beach of LAMBI , a very pleasant sandy beach that stretches for several kilometers. The offer of tavernas and beach bars is colossal. It’s a striking image when you arrive at KOS by boat. On the same part is south of HORA, PSALIDI has a few restaurants on the beach that the Greeks love and then they are just resorts and gigantic holiday clubs. Continuing through a desert area and passing the last two hotels you will reach Agios Fokas in the warm waters of THERMA LOUTRA. A specificity not to be missed with a pool of water at more than 70oC, water beneficial for joints that are underground infiltrations from the volcanic island of NISIROS located more than 40 kilometers. All the north coast of the island is ultra touristy with beaches terraced and crowded from LAMBI to MASTIHARI via the famous TINGAKI and MARMARI. Filled with hotels, holiday clubs, boarding, restaurants, bars, these are real tourist resorts perfectly catch-tourist. Overall have formulas that encourage their customers to leave very little of the establishments if not for excursions … the restaurants are in tune, but mention the TAVERN KARNAGIO on the beach in TINGAKI with real beautiful cuisine and Greek atmosphere. You won’t be disappointed…

The southern slope of this part of the island is mountainous and this is the nice surprise of KOS. The mountain villages are very nice especially ZIA with very good taverns and restaurants taken from the jet set. Atmosphere is soothing and the panoramic view of KOS, KALYMNOS and PSERIMOS is bucolic. The TAVERN AVLI is in our favour…
Continuing the journey, we reach the last tourist site of the island in KARDAMENA,a small seaside resort with excursion boats to NISIROS   That can be seen in the distance, many taverns but very little held by Greeks. Here we will rather look at Manchester United than Olympiakos and the beer will flow much more than the ouzo. KARDAMENA is a beautiful wild beach but it is surrounded from east to west by hotel complexes, including the MITSIS hill with no less than 5 different hotels for all budgets… On the western side are hotel complexes, the Aegean village, an aquatic center that will accompany you for about ten kilometers to the end of the world….

Around the airport, the very arid village of ANTIMACHEIA with its mill marks the beginning of the western part of the island. A long road will accompany you for about ten kilometers to the bay of KEFALOS. Along this road, there are only canyons and roads that lead you to the most beaches of KOS, far from mass tourism, these beaches have crystal clear waters, they are arranged with a tavern. Don’t miss the opportunity for a good time….
You can see strange cars at KOS that look like different kinds of buggies. Even if they struggle the road it is a regal on all the small paths of the west coast of the island with many marked paths.

Arriving in the bay of KEFALOS, you admire the vastness of the bay, a real water park always abundant in windsurfing, kite-surfing. The small island of KASTRI with the chapel of AGHIOS STEPHANOS and the remains giving the beach a special and awesome atmosphere with a special light. The town of KEFALOS overlooks the bay with the village of KAMARIin the bottom of it …

After climbing the mound of KEFALOS, you have an impression of the end of the world… It actually starts with two magical places: the beach of KAVO PARADISIO a little far accessible by a dented road (remember the buggies!) but absolutely unique in its crystal clear waters, its limestone cliffs. The other treasure of the island is AGHIOS THEOLOGOS, a superb tavern to see the majestic sunset in the sea, various beaches, limestone rocks, lunar pebbles, a beach of animal protection.
AGHIOS THEOLOGOS is our favorite KOS off, well off the beaten track. The BEACH OF AGHIOS THEOLOGOS, wild beach further south, at the eponymous restaurant you will have the most beautiful SUNSETS

The HISTORY OF THE GREECE and especially of these islands the Dodecanese is complicated and there are still recurring problems with relations and proximity with Turkey with frequent incidents especially between fishing boats. The island of Kos is marked by the invention of medical ethics by HIPPOCRATES and the specificities of THE HISTORY OF THE ISLAND especially in the neighborhood with TURKEY.
The mountain villages of Zia, Asfendiou and Zipari are on the island of KOS is quite mountainous. You will find in these three villages of ZIA, ASFENDIOU, ZIPARI a Greece perhaps more authentic, at least touristy but nevertheless with excellent TAVERNES, the panorama tavern bears beautifully its name.
At ZIA, the view is also sublime and you can enjoy the taverns AVLI, MOULIN D’EAU, VILLAGE TAVERN and TAVERNA OROMEDON. It’s tomato heaven!! There are excellent taverns PALAIA PIGI and ORIA TAVERNA will welcome you for an excellent dinner and you can visit the medieval village, with a Byzantine church and the castle of Pyli.

KARDAMENA on the south coast of KOS, a former fishing village turned seaside resort. It is also the start for the EXCURSION BATEAUX to the volcanic island of NISIROS. The atmosphere of the village is marked by a very strong British colony and bars held more and more by compatriots with a englicization of these. The western part is studded with hotels and holiday villages on the whole rather successful (but you will be away from the life of the village and the island) and an imposing water amusement park.

KEFALOS is the first capital of the island, overlooking the bay of KAMARI. renowned for its honey and thyme. You can also admire the island of KASTRI with these ruins and AGHIOS STEPHANOS. It is according to legend that the daughter of HIPPOCRATES was transformed into a dragon by ARTEMIS and would wait for the kiss of a knight to resume a human form.

The beach of KRITIKA is one of the best in KOS and if you have the courage of a winding road (but it’s definitely worth it) the KAVO PARADISIO BEACH is absolutely unique!