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LEROS is a mountainous and green island, with high hills and many small coves and villages,

is a popular destination that has kept its authentic character, mainly because it is not too dependent on tourism.

Most of the constructions are Italian-style, but you will also find typical white Greek houses with blue doors and shutters.

Leros Holidays

Holidays Leros



The island lends itself well to long wild hikes especially in the western part of the island where there are many marked paths.

  • Hike from Katsouni to Patela in front of the acoustic wall an exceptional system for tracking airplanes, ancestor of modern radars

    at XEROCAMPOS (with a unique icon of the virgin painted on a crab shell)

  • the Diaporti military camp with Otto Meister mural paintings and a copy of a Bruegel painting
  • The ascent through the small alleys of PLATANOS towards the beaver and the redescent passing in front of the mills of MYLI



Even if the island is not very large it is very well adapted for cycling on the roads but also with very interesting paths for the practice of mountain biking



On the road between KRITHONI and ALINDA is the LEROSdiving club. Many shipwrecks delight divers especially at the exit of Blefouti Bay or a stretched marine cable has been right for many boats and there are also wrecks of warplanes.


ARTEMIS ASSOCIATION will allow you to discover the GREEK DANCESand learn some of them. This association has a European reputation   and performs in many cities of Europe aroundANTHONIS DALLARIS (who also regularly sings on Fridays and Saturdays at the TAVERNE TO STEKI)and his wife.


The nightlife of LEROS is very developed with an overflowing youth that often ends in the early morning. Even if the atmosphere is playful in the evening do not expect to find torrid atmospheres like in Santorini or Mykonos

Aghia Marina has many clubs and dancing bars including the MELTEMI which is an institution, but also APOTHIKI, HARAMA and the internet café ENALAKTIKO.

Further thanAGHIA MARINA at PHAROS is a large nightclub theINDUSTRIAL CLUB

Finally for the nostalgic, theSAVANA BARat PANDELI remains a mecca of the night leriote between pub and dance.

There is also often music in the evening at CASTELLO BEACH and view on the heights of PANDELI, Greek music athotel Alinda and TAVERN TO STEKI.

The best traditional festivals take place from within the framework of the parishes often to bring from September and to the TAVERN ARTEMIS IN BLEFOUTIS and LEON LIMANI to LAKKI.

often organizes animations and parties with Miralis at the DJI

Finally for more international parties and karaoke, the LIME BEACH BAR in MERIKIA is a good address.


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