To opt for a more original holiday, go to Marathi, a rocky island near the island of Arki with its place in the turquoise waters. Especially in the evening, you’re in complete calm.

TAKE AN EXCURSION BOAT TO LEROS OR PATMOS Because it is an ideal destination for those who want to taste the serenity of its nature, bathe in the beautiful turquoise waters, laze on its sandy beaches to sunbathe and rest, enjoy isolated spaces for reading and for those who want to eat good Greek food in warm places. You can go there just for the day and have lunch in one of the few tavernas on the edge of the small island.

It is a 355m2 island that lies to the west in front of the island of ARKIOU, east of PATMOS (12 nautical miles). Its odds are four kilometres long. It is when we arrive on this island that we discover the tiny village-port of the island (pictured below)

The two beaches of the island of Marathi. One is in the port village of the tiny island and the other is located a little further away but it is smaller. It is a child-friendly island because, from the restaurant to the shallow beach.

RESTAURANTS have three restaurants on the island; let’s say the taverns of Piratis, Stavragkos and Pantelis, since they have breathtaking views of the sea with so clear waters. The sunsets are breathtaking. It’s like the islands of Polynesia so the environment is heavenly, complicated but rich.

The old village of Marathi. At the top of the hill, you can still see the traces of the ancient village of the island. It’s in ruins, but a little trick is worth it. You can see the small church of St Nicolaos with its azure blue dome.


Or stay in Marathi?

I found a room at Mr Stavragou for 3 people at the price of 45 Euros. I also ate in his humble tavern on the terrace by the water. His kid in the oven with local cheese really gives you iron health. Then you can enjoy fresh fish or a fish soup called Kakkavia. Just have a little chat with the fishermen who come home early in the morning of the fishing.

Marathi is very busy in the summer. In winter, there is no one on the island but in summer, the natives of the Greek diaspora gather on the island and curious visitors like me arriving from the surrounding islands also arrive on the island to discover it. It is a destination that pleasure boat captains love with their fellow travellers. It is a refuge not only for the birds that remain in this beautiful oasis of the island, but it is also a paradise for those who want to take refuge in a unique traditional setting. There are four quiet bays to moor on the island but, when you get ashore, you notice that there is nothing else on the island: no roads, no cars, no ATM and no shops. It is the herds of goats with bells grazing on the island that can upset the serenity of the nature of the island.


The contemporary history of Marathi

It was a completely deserted and arid island until the day Pantelis Emilianos, his family and two children arrived from Australia on the island 40 years ago. It was by working hard that they managed to create a small oasis on the island. Electricity came a long time later. It was from that moment that the island began to have visitors.