You have to find the small road at the end of LAKKI to access this little piece of the island certainly almost deserted but so charming. The journey in the pine forest is delicious essences of the scents of pine mixed with those of eucalyptus.

You will find the KOULOUKI restaurant where many parties and weddings are held. Then the sailing school for the children. Greeks like to go to this place to enjoy the crystal clear and calm waters. Finally you will arrive at MERIKIA at LIME BEACH BAR. By turning to your right you can go to the War Museum with its famous tunnel. In this deserted area is also the LEROS sports hall.

Continuing straight ahead, you will pass in front of the quiet beach of MERIKIA, from the  SUNSET TAVERN . You can continue to the end of LAKKI Bay in front of the magnificent cliffs of KATSOUNIS. If you go at sunset you can see the rays of sunshine falling on its magnificent mountains up to those of KALYMNOS and KOS.

On the way you will see many coves where you can bathe, as well as many remnants of the Second World War. The first bay is that of AGHIOS SPIRIDONAS, which once housed a shipwreck on the beach. The best beach, the quietest with sand is the following, KOKKINA. It is not very easy to access but you can do it by scooter or car.

Further still, you will be surprised to see a vast lot with many trees, fully fenced. This land was bought about 5 years ago by wealthy Turks. Problem: TURKISHES are not allowed to buy land in these islands. They used business schemes with local complicity, which triggered a massive national scandal in the first half of the year !!!