MEZZES (plural mezzedes) is in Greek culture to make a snack around an OUZO or a glass of wine.

These are the hors d’oeuvres. And it is possible to make real meals just with mezzes in an Ouzeri with a good OUZO

TZATZIKI, eggplant caviar (melitsanosalata), garlic puree (skordalia), giant white beans in tomato sauce (gigantes)


CHOUMOUS: chickpea puree

DOLMADES: vine leaves stuffed with rice

MELITZANES: baked eggplant

FASOLADA: white bean soup


Similar to Spanish tapas, mezzedes (or mezzes) are more of a Greek gastronomic habit than a culinary specialty of DODEKANISOS.

They are eaten especially in the Ouzeries, for a more convivial meal: all the small dishes are ordered together and shared.

FAVA The Fava is both the name of the bright yellow-coloured lens and the name of this delicious dish that you’ll find in all the good tavernas. It is usually served cold or lukewarm in mezze and sometimes hot in main dish.

In the DODEKANISOS, you will often find octopus salad, fava (broken pea puree) and zucchini fritters.