The migrants in Leros was in the island’s former psychiatric hospital, NGOs deployed a hot-spot to assist migrants crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey. Some have been there for almost three years now.

This has given work to the island, but the year 2016 will have left traces on the background of illegal immigration and intense economic crisis. Without any international help.

It was a ubuesque situation where we read in the Western press great sentences, condemnations, “y Ka, it is kon” and every morning they were uninterrupted lines of people who had landed in the night who were moving towards the police station to report their attendance and register. Then under the heat they went to the port to try to take the ferry to Athens but were repressed.

Of course, we would not have understood the situation if we had not realised for ourselves that these Syrians were essentially not the terrorists (
even if some transited through LEROS
) but often wealthy classes who had no choice but to leave their countries because of abuse. In Leros, prevented from leaving the island they fled to the old psychiatric hospital of the island (of sinister reputation) by the deployment of a camp by the NGOs.

From now on, the situation is sometimes tense with Turkey with the omnipresence of the coast guard boats patrolling and sometimes still bringing back migrants. In the summer 2018 on the island of Kos it happened every week about 600 people and the connections are electric.

Relations are good between the inhabitants and the migrants even if they do not move too much in the island. Often they just go from TEMENIA to LAKKI.



In 2019, the camp is beginning to present real difficulties on the island and not those one might think !!!

On the economic side, the migrant camp is a breath of fresh air for the island that exploits the vein well, and on the other hand a part of the population rejects this exploitation.

The market for the supply of food to migrants to give rise during the summer to a furious battle for obtaining . It is the head of the army who decides this windfall of nearly 3 million euros per year. There are also all the providers who intervene for work, cleaning, etc.

The crowded parking lot of the cars of rioters operating on the site suggests that the camp employs many people as in the good old days of the psychiatric hospital of LEROS. bad languages say that we hardly work in the camp for a modest salary but in relation to Greece in 2019: 600 euros!!

There is also a surge in accommodation prices: many hotels house police officers year-round, military personnel at the expense of the state ensuring comfortable incomes throughout the year. You will see the police bus picking up staff to the hotels in the evenings and mornings.

Obviously a population of about 2500 additional people with different customs is not without creating some tensions especially around the symbols of religion . But these 2500 people receive every month 300 euros that are spent on the island and you will perceive that it is a manna that the traders of LAKKI and XEROCAMPOS do not disdain.

For obvious paper problem, it was obviously not possible for these migrants to work. Especially since the new government of Konstantin MITSOTAKIS , the new prime minister elected in 2019 has tightened the rules. yet this summer in the backstage of some restaurants, we did not gene to “hire” this new workforce

In November 2019 , the crisis of migrants moving from TURKEY to GRECE is the subject of new measures by the government of Konstantin MITSOTAKIS [see article of the newspaper LE MONDE]

In the spring of 2022, the migrant camp has 109 migrants. Of course, the pseudo-prison structure of this mode of establishment does not allow the reception of Ukrainian refugees. The reception facilities created by Greece and touted by the European Union are only valid for one type of migrant !!! Well done and still a nice waste…

Another repercussion in the life of the island, many candidates have offered to work at the hot-spot to the detriment of a loss of labor in several sectors of employment of the island.

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