LEROS music and dance are a true tradition in Greece, a privileged moment of sharing and exchange without any social distinction.


The place where you play the bouzouki is called a bouzoukia.


The islands have an important local culture and the main identity is the dance and the songs of the island. Thus in Leros we dance the LERIKO (the dance of the island of LEROS)and the SOUSTA for hours. The dance is in Greece a true communion a real exchange between individuals. Other dances such as the REBETIKO or the RHASAPIKO are danced alone but communion and sharing are done with people who come to surround the dancer and offer him alcohol tours. These dance are very personal in what they express and it’s stage to see them in tourist places but looking for a little… Magical moments to share.

SIRTAKI is often considered a traditional and popular Greek dance. Yet this dance has nothing historical or traditional. It was created for the Cacoyannis film, Zorba the Greek, released in 1964. It is actually a choreography adapted from a dance for the really traditional coup, the Hassapiko, which comes from the Greeks of Constantinople.

In Greek folklore, dance is traditionally something very important in a global way in Greece. The locals like to associate you also respect it and melt yourself in the atmosphere, you do not regret it but avoid putting yourself in front. You’ll never dance like a Greek with his guts and heart!!! is not Zorba who wants to!!!



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