[1500-1100 avant JC]

At that time, the Achean tribe, which came from the north, conquered much of Greece and founded several towns there. MYCENES, the most flourishing, will give its name to their civilization.

These warriors are dazzled by the Cretan civilization. They invite artists from this island to learn their techniques. Around 1200, united for the first time, all the Greek tribes set out to conquer the city of Troy, whose siege lasted 10 years.

According to legend, the object of this war is the abduction of the beautiful Helen, wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta, by Pâris, son of Priam, king of Troy. HOMERE
told in the Illiad the details of this adventure, not confirmed by archaeological discoveries.

We only know that around the 11th century, Greeks settled in Asia Minor.

Around the same time, the Dorians, a tribe more warlike than the Akeans, arrived in Greece. The Dorians conquered almost the entire country, except Evia and Attica, destroying the Mycenaean civilization in their path and introducing a way of life based on military discipline.


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