News Leros 2022

After two years of COVID-19, the 2022 tourist season is looming with new uncertainties with events in Eastern Europe and the economic repercussions that promise to be disastrous.

The 2021 tourist season was very late since especially since the beginning of August. It was saved by the arrival of many Athenians who left the capital due to the pandemic and the incredible fires. Even if from an economic point of view it was apparently not a grand cru.


New airlines

Following Covid-19, during the COVID crisis, the Dodécanèse islands received a new type of clientele en masse  : Digital Nomads who greatly appreciated the infrastructure and the quality of life. Many airlines have created new direct routes between provincial cities in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, etc. to the Dodécanèse including Rhodes and Kos. The islands are now 3 hours by plane from Western Europe and the formulas with a club stay have met with great success especially in Rhodes with a success that stretched until the end of November with full flights. 

For the more daring, tourists have gone to discover islands up to Patmos by generally devoting one or two nights on each island in their journeys. Suffice to say that the opinion of these “pioneers” will be important for the future tourist reputation. Our small exchanges here and there with compatriots bring us a mixed feeling. certainly the island is friendly but the welcome in the restaurants, the prices charged, the absence of all activities and the “difficulty” to rent a car will have largely spoiled the stays. In more ways than one, 2022 will therefore be a decisive year for this feeling.



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The AirB&B Trend

News Leros 2022

A small count on the operator’s website shows more than 70 AirB&B offers. It has become the local sport of the island. Everyone builds “rooms” to rent them. The Greek tradition was to make a tourism in the habitat in the past with what it entails hospitality. Las, the AirB&B is most of the time a dry offer of accommodation. The quality, the places of accommodation are quite far from the Western standards of the guest rooms and others, only the prices recall this so-called quality. To understand, it should be specified that in Greece, you need a license with a diploma to have a restaurant, to have a hotel that these activities are in principle protected so that professionals can deliver you the best services and you your approval. AIRBNB started in Greece in Athens during the crisis to have investors renovating downtown buildings. The government has granted tax exemption for all airb&B income. Hence new aspirants who have no special aspiration to welcome you… Be careful….

PS: for your information, with the prices charged it does not work at all in Leros the AIRB&B


Increasingly, there are different prices between foreigners and Greeks. The trend of runaway inflation in a country that does not produce much is very great and will certainly be in the coming months a real problem for the day-to-day care of life. The Greek price trend is likely to be very important this year. We found by a small comparison at the level of a Blue Star  ferry fare a price of 96 euros for a ticket taken from Greece against 216 via the Internet from France !!! Yes it was the same cabin.


As a reminder, 70% of Greek salaries are less than 900 euros, and the median salary is around 630 euros. This should allow you to better evaluate the prices you are asked for and to have a very good stay in Leros in 2022….

News Leros 2022