It is an almost round volcanic island with well-preserved local architecture and unsociable locals.

GREEK MYTHOLOGY mentions that NISIROS was created by a piece of KOS that was allegedly launched by POÏSEDON on the titan POLYBOTES which was crushed underneath. The violent volcano is believed to be due to the titan’s cries.

NISIROS is a unique excursion!! You can take a boat trip to NISIROS from KARDAMENA or KAMARI

Warning This looks like a real industry!!!

It is an almost round volcanic island with well-preserved local architecture and unsociable locals. There are no beautiful beaches.

Mythology mentions that NISIROS was created by a piece of kos island. It was reportedly launched by Poseidon on the Titan Polybotes which was crushed below. The violent volcano would be the cries of the Titans.

NISIROS is cited in HOMER’s Iliad in the catalog of ships of the second song (676-680) as bringing with KOS, KALYMNOS, KASOS,and KARPATHOS, thirty ships under the command of Phidippe and Antiphos to the Greek army led by Agamemnon and Achilles.

The island was conquered at the beginning of the 20th century by Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, like the rest of DODEKANISOS,who built a castle above the small town. It is given in fiefdom to several families.

An eruption in 1422 destroyed the 1400 m summit.

The island was conquered like its neighbours by the OTTOMANS,starting in 1522.

Built in 1600, a chapel dedicated to the Panayia Spiliani (Our Lady of the Cellar) is linked to many traditions and surrounds a beautiful 18th century icon.

The ITALIANS occupied the archipelago in 1912, then the British, before joining GREECE in 1947.

The island has a unique flora and FAUNA.



A beautiful island with its villages with white houses, churches, lunar landscapes, hot springs etc.

It is located to the south between KOS and TILOS (further southeast, we find RODOS). Its  peak of 700 is of volcanic origin (last eruption in 1887). The island is surrounded by 4 islets also of volcanic origin.

There is 3 times a week a ferry from the island of the city of KOS (travel time 1h20) or KARDAMENA from Kos. Cheap tickets.

Visit the capital and port of Nisiros, Mandraki. Mandraki is at the foot of a steep hill (see photo above left). The whiteness of its houses is in perfect contrast to the color of the volcanic soil. You can see the castle of the Knights of St John and, almost  clinging to the edge of the rock, the small church dedicated to the virgin Panagia Spiliani, patron saint of the island.

The Nisiros Acropolis (4th sc av. J.C) with well-preserved and manicured walls….  honoured in 2010 by Europa Nostra.

Visit the site of Loutra, 2 kms east of Mandraki. This site has beenknown since antiquity  for its hot springs, which are still exploited today. Pali, east of Loutra, is a pretty fishing village.

Visit Emborios, southeast of Mandraki. It is a picturesque village at 330 m altitude. At the top, you can see a medieval castle and intramural Byzantine church of the Michael Taxiarchis. This village that you don’tsee from the sea is located  in a region where mineral waters are deafened and where olive, vine, fig and citrus crops are grown. images.gif

Visit the crater of the volcano in the heart of the island,on the Laki Plateau. It’s off today. With a diameter of 260 m and a depth of 30 m, it has walls dug like stairs. A strong smell of sulphur still comes to the site. This alien landscape enjoys a littlefurther, perched  atan  altitude of 400m, a superb panoramic view of the Aegean Sea.

To the south of the island, the village of Nikia perches on a hill 400m  above Its white houses with their brightly colored doors and windows and their tile roofs fit perfectly into a beautiful green setting (photos below)

The coasts and beaches of Nisiros Island

A subgugant island of  natural beauty. A simple, quiet and very human island. An island that smells like the Aegean Sea. An invigorating and relaxing island at the same time. An island really not like the others. A wildly beautiful island. A curious and attractive island. A romantic island with its sunsets