Pandora’s Box, In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the Gods to give it to men. In revenge, ZEUS
ordered Vulcan to create a woman made of earth and water. She received from the Gods many gifts: beauty, flattery, friendliness, address, grace, intelligence, but also the art of deception and seduction. They gave it the name Pandora, which in Greek means “endowed with all gifts.” She was then sent to Prometheus.

Epimetheus, his brother, was seduced and eventually married him. On the day of their wedding, Pandora was given a jar in which all the evils of humanity were found. He is forbidden to open it. Out of curiosity, she did not respect the condition and all evils escaped to spread to the Earth.Only hope remained at the bottom of the container, thus not even allowing men to bear the misfortunes that befell them. It is from this myth that the expression “PANDORA’s BOX”was born, which symbolizes the cause of a disaster.


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