PARTHENI is the small fishing village north of the island of LEROS after the military base with the airport and extend north by the bay where many boaters leave their boats in the winter. the sunset over   ARCHANGHELOSis sumptuous one of the most beautiful of the island, you can venture with a quad to the northern end of the island to see all the islands north of LEROS with PATMOS, LIPSI, ASPRONISI that we see to the north.

There are also two marinas pleasure MARINAS behind the airport

The area has a long history since ancient times. It is believed that Partheni was the TEMPLE dedicated to THE GODDESS ARTEMIS (Diane). In the archaeological area of PARTHENI, there are remnants of a prehistoric residential area dating from 3800 b.c., while in recent years, remnants of another temple built during the Hellenistic period have been discovered.

It is also where there is the airport and the military barracks

On the left as if entering the courtyard of a church you descend down to the beach of AGHIA KIOURYA , one of the wildest on the island. With the exception of crystalline waters, you can also visit the homonymous church painted by political prisoners during the Greek dictatorship.




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