The PASTICCIO is a macaroni gratin with a homemade béchamel, it always looks big in service. but it eats very well.

The finesse of the bechamel will make the quality of it and its lightness

PASTICCIO is a traditional dish typical of Greek cuisine that all Greeks regularly make from the youngest to the oldest! It is an easy dish to make and can be eaten hot but also cold 

So it’s handy for cooks who always want to have food in their kitchen.

The word PASTICCIO comes from the Latin “past-cium” derived from “pasta” which means “compact mixture”. It is a variant of the Italian dish“PASTICCIO di pasta” which resembles lasagna with bolognese. It is made in southeastern Europe, Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Egypt. PASTICCIO is a very cooked dish in Greece. It is often served with a tomato salad. The main ingredients are the spaghetti quite special… and ground meat. It is an oven-baked dish served hot or cold as a salted pie as a main course. PASTICCIO is made of several layers of materials.


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