The plane tree of PLATANOS !! Currently the central plane tree that gave the name to the city is a bit fluet but this has not always been the case.

It was a time for the first cars on the island where it even served as a roundabout… Maybe he left his life in the traffic jams created at that time… Still is it that a young push has replaced it

In PLATANOS, you will be in the unmissable center of the island and you will practice the local sport: watch others go by, perhaps by tasting a souvlaki at TRYPHONAS.

You will find a specificity in Leros that you will not find in the other islands of the Aegean Sea. There are two capitals: PLATANOS and LAKKI. In the other islands, there is CHORIO (the village in GREEK LANGUAGE which is the main town)

The village may be blocked and therefore the island almost cut in half during partying in PLATANOS.

In the center of the square, the town hall of LEROS


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