You can eat SOUVLAKIS in
(literally grilled seller)

Souvlaki is the real Greek specialty

either pork or chicken and some variants also seafood. It is impossible to come to Greece without tasting the famous souvlaki. This Greek speciality based on grilled meat is a must to stall a little hunger or to have lunch on the go quickly… and for only a few euros. In Greek, “souvlaki” means in the literal sense of the term “skewer.” More generally, souvlaki refers to all grills

Large or short (kalamaki) the meat is deliciously grilled so as to melt in the mouth, an exquisite grill to eat without restraint.


This is meat cooked and served in skewers. They are served either alone (mono kalamaki), or sandwiched in a pita (pita kalamaki). In the latter case, the wooden stick is removed. Different types of meat are found in Kalamaki: chicken (kotopoulo), pork (hirino), veal (moschari) or kebab (a mixture of minced pork and veal).

Chicken Souvlaki a specialty grill of Greek cuisine


In Greece it is more ground meat. To have the equivalent of what is found under the name KEBA in Turkish cuisine, you will have to ask instead for GYROS. The kebab as you could understand corresponds to minced meat mixing pork, veal and spices (pepper, paprika). It is served either in skewers (kalamaki) or in pita.
In another register the biftekaki, it is the same mixture prepared at the grill like a steak (no spades). It looks like two drops of water like a classic minced steak, but much more fragrant.


GYROS means Around in Greek. And so it is the meat that is cut on the spit that rotates constantly in restaurants. So the pieces of meat cook on a rotating spit in front of a grill. The meat is then finely cut into small, very tender and well-grilled pieces. You usually have a choice between pork or chicken meat, much more rarely lamb or veal.

On a plate, it’s called Portion and it’s also a sandwich made in a PITA (a kind of pancake-galette). If you don’t specify what you want inside, by default you will have: fries, onions, tomatoes and a mayonnaise sauce with chicken or tzatziki with pork. You can easily ask to remove certain ingredients and replace mayonnaise sauce with
(it’s infinitely better).