It has several functions:

  • He is the surveyor who will make the footage of your land which will have to be imperatively redone just before the sale (the lines tending to move in Greece). He will make the legality of the property but it is the lawyer who will verify the information of the owner.
  • He draws up the file to file the building permit that will then have to be filed with the urban planning services that have recently been transferred to Kalymnos.
  • He also has the technical responsibility of the structures of your house by doing the calculation of the concrete and you can ask him to follow up on your site but the builders for foreigners do not like to “delegate” this type of foreign service  remain master of their sites.
  • The Mechanikos will also offer you “architectural design” services but it is not necessary to expect miracles of creativity (you only have to see the houses in Leros except from the Italian period to realize it. The plan of the house often remains a fairly approximate hack …

It is advisable to ask for a price from the outset the services can be quite expensive and often very variable from one mechanic to another without really realizing the added value provided. Like many value-added professions, behaviour often reveals a local power whose quality is not always justified. for the local population, their opinions are referenced and they have a little trouble getting to another level. Working with a manufacturer for European saves you this kind of inconvenience.


The biggest Study of Mechanikos of the island in LAKKI but also the most (much) expensive. It takes 100 euros per square meter for the complete service of filing building permits, architect and site monitoring.



  • It is impossible to work on the basis of an architect’s plan, the GANTZIAS studio is not a monster of architectural creativity.


The father and son. The reputation makes them very rigorous professionals with the respect of the rules in force.

They also do the construction.


All the construction service is offered from mechanikos to construction through architecture. But the reputation is sulphurous!


Two offices one in Leros and one in Athens. He works alone with a network of service providers like an architect. This allows you to “segment” the service to work the Greek way.


There are three main real estate agencies in Leros. This is the absolute confusion since they are also builders. It is displayed fully integrated services to offer you a global offer of construction. In fact, it is only the integration of different independent craftsmen according to the needs of your site. You are captive and dependent on the manufacturer who will not use the mechanikos as little as possible. That is to say mainly at the beginning and at the end of the construction site.

These builders will sell you their know-how in the realization of architectural plans. It remains very basic without much creativity and it is above all the reproduction of an L-shaped plan (to protect you from the wind on the terrace. The trend is often towards fairly small parts. The work of light with bay windows often remains an enigma.

It is advisable to come regularly to the site to monitor what is being done and how it is being done.


A very special approach…


You will be sold a complete construction service but it is above all concrete and the finishes in the construction often very often disappointing.


The manager is Belgian and he offers you the advantage of speaking several languages fluently including French. It provides you with the best construction services. Since 2021, it also offers an offer for pool construction.


  •  Clear and accurate monthly financial reporting for site costs



The Greeks built step by step by choosing the trades as and when their needs and means.

It is still necessary to highlight other builders such as
who made the extremely qualitative restoration of the building from THEIKON to AGHIA MARINA. Handmade friezes would be envied by many.