Sea urchins are a true specialty of DODEKANIOS.

Of course it is not especially something you eat in a restaurant but rather one. Ritual that consists of going to pick them up, then finds itself run place in a creek and finally enjoy them with a little lemon zest and bread.

For the good things of life the Greeks have an extremely practical sense and deploy a real ingenuity to have a good time. Everything is planned!!

Just like squid fishing that starts from late August until early December, fishing is a real hobby, which occupies afternoons and weekends. This is the magic of the months of September and October when the heat is less important and the tourist activity has weakened, many Greeks own a boat (the less than 5m in general to escape the new taxes) and after work around 3pm they take the boats to go to their ritual corner. Experience is at the rendezvous among most Greeks, pro fishermen or not to know what one fishes in this or that place. And that seems infallible. For those who do not have a boat there is still the fishing rod and you will see them working at unlikely places and at particularly surprising times such as evening or even at night.

Sea urchins are found at the level of algae in places a little stirred by common els. Do not pick up neither the blacks, nor the too small and even if they are not anchored on something, they hide and you will be surprised by seeing nothing in a tuft of seaweed but to see a Greek go up with a full handful.

The sea urchin opens with a special clamp that cuts the shell in half, the contents of the sea urchin are eaten entirely with one of those delicious Greek breads whose taste is imagined specially made for !!!

Finally, some restaurants are organising the shortage of certain seafood products among fishermen to charge higher prices especially with regard to lobsters and lobsters !!!

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