Sell a house in Leros, Patmos or Lipsi

Why are you unlikely to sell your home with local players?

  • Your property is unique! Do you think you will have a chance to sell it on a catalog site in the middle of the field, ruins with photos in all directions?
  • There are no real real estate agencies but builders who also do real estate. For a budget equivalent, they will prefer to build.
  • The actors devote little means in terms of digital communication. The sites are outdated, no digital communication, no SEO. The best solution for a buyer is to be present on the island, to locate one of the many signs and … try to find the agency. The market is therefore extremely small.

… and it can take a long, long time…

Alcyone Immo is the perfect solution to sell your home by constantly accessing the international market.

Selling a house in Leros

It is likely that your buyer is foreign. From experience, transactions between foreigners on Greek soil are much more fluid and depolluted from all hypothetical intermediaries.

The Covid pandemic has already prompted many people to change their lives. The Greek islands of the Dodécanèse with new air services and the new airport in Kos have seen the emergence of a new category of visitors the digital nomads.  

An ideal application of digital marketing. Present the right house to a buyer wishing to buy a house in Greece!!

In Greece, it is as complicated to sell a house as it is to buy one. Greek owners are sometimes very versatile. Buying your home from a stranger is a real asset.

An offer in 4 steps

All the offer of high-end real estate sales on the islands of Patmos, Lipsi and Leros.

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