SYMI is the most graceful of the Greek islands, it is the pearl of DODEKANISOS. A rich and proud island. The name of the island comes from the daughter of the god Ialysos from RODOS. since antiquity, the island has prospered thanks to shipbuilding and sponge fishing. It’s the island of miracles.
Tradition/flavours During the Byzantine period, shipping, shipbuilding, trade, sponges, land viticulture were sources of wealth for the inhabitants of Symi, who maintain to this day workshops for the manufacture of traditional uniforms, wooden boats, temples, traditional lanterns, stone processing, handmade textiles, fish products] in natural materials, miniature shipbuilding, farm bag supplies , such as saddles, looms, while there is still a foundry for making bells.



In the 17th century it was the third most prosperous island. The
has precipitated its decline.

Symi’s traditional cuisine is naturally based on seafood, as well as locally bred animals and products from local producers. The most characteristic delicacy of the island is the mini shrimp of Symi, in many variants. Also, try the barbarian fig liqueur and Akoumia, which are local sweets with honey.

Rent a boat and explore one of the island’s magical beaches, the harbour promenade  in the evening and discover the old shipyard and the island’s majestic houses.


Visit the PANORMITIS MONASTERY, with the famous impressive bell tower and silver icon.

The SYMI FESTIVAL, which takes place every summer, includes a large number of interesting shows and exhibitions.
The little pearl of the Dodecanese is won in an hour by boat from RODOS. It is hiked at its own pace inland, the island has 200 churches and monasteries in surprisingly green landscapes lined with cypress trees. The architecture of the island is impressive and seems unique.

SYMI will offer you together moments of calm and also moments of jetsetting.

The population increases tenfold in the summer.

The island of SYMI north of RHODES in Greece is rich in history, architectural and natural beauties. An extraordinary experience to live absolutely!

SYMI is an island in the DODECANESE islands in southeastern Greece. Symi is 40 kms from Rhodes, covers an area of 58 km2 on a largely mountainous terrain. This island  has 2,000 inhabitants with tourism, fishing and trade.

You arrive in RODOS easily from any major European city and you arrive at SYMI by ferry from RODOS. There are boats twice a day lasting 50 minutes ().

Symi is one of the most beautiful islands. Be sure to see this island one day

  • It is simply a beautiful island with wonderful architecture.The island of SYMI has the finest neoclassical architecture in Greece. YIALOS, the main port  and CHORIO, the village above the port are the best protected national monuments in Greece because of their unique achitecture. In the 19th century, many houses in neoclassical style and colours covered the mountain slopes near the harbour 
  • SYMI has beautiful beaches.My favourite beaches are  in Agios Giorgios and Agia Marina. The bay of Nanouand the tiny  inhabited islands  of Diavates, Numos and Hondrus are fantastic…
  • The island of SYMI has a great story draws from the depths of mythology. In the Iliad ofHOMER, the island is the domain of King Nirée who fought in the Trojan War (1,200 BC. J.C) alongside the other Greeks. A great battle naval took place near the island of Symi in 410 BC where the Spartans were the Athenians. At the end of the 14th sc, Symi passed into the hands of the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalemand in 1522  in the   hands of the
    but SYMI retained its privileges (those of trade in particular) which did not interrupt its prosperity. In 1912, an Italian occupation and in 1942 a German occupation were started, but in 1948, the island returned to Greece.
  • THE SYMI FESTIVAL has been held every summer for 15 years. It is a selfless participation of artists and organizers from Greece. By going there, you can learn a lot about the traditions of SYMI (dances, folk clothes, etc.)