TARAMA is a cod egg cream or Taramosalata is a traditional Greek recipe typical of Lent in Greece. Based on fish eggs, here is an easy and simple recipe to impress your guests.

 Taramosalata in Greek,it is served in MEZZE

  in Greece in the 48 days preceding the FEASTs of EASTER. It is served at the pure Monday lunch, i.e. the 1st Day of the Great Lent with other typical dishes of this day, all without animal substances. 

Fish eggs: You must, however, find cod eggs from your fishmonger. You can find pink eggs but they are colored so to avoid. White fish eggs (rather light brown and slightly pink) are not processed but cost 3.5 Euros for 250 grams.

Taramosalata is good for your health?  To be consumed in moderation for those with health problems. Its ingredients are rich in:

  • vitamins A for eye and skin health. This vitamin stimulates the immune system
  • vitamin D. This vitamin is important for bone health.
  • phosphorus (for bone health)
  • zinc (fighting infections by strengthening the immune system) and potassium (rejection of excess sodium and regulation of blood pressure)
  • Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (good for heart and artery function)
  • The olive oil we add to taramosalata gives monounsaturated fats good for the heart
  • Lemon gives vitamin C, antioxidant vitamin and crucial for immunity

But beware, fish eggs are high in sodium so the cream is to be consumed in moderation for those who have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. They’re also high in calories!  100 grams of tarama or fish eggs equal 400 calories.

One last point: the TARAMA you find in your supermarket is pink !!! The good TARAMA is a pinkish grey guaranteeof freshness! Pink is only the conservative it is a deception.