The national sport of the Greek islands since the 2009 crisis. VAT is 24 in the islands except for exemptions for the 5 islands that are LESBOS, CHIOS, KOS and LEROS which remained at 17 due to frequent arrivals of migrants.
When you go to the restaurant, the tavern-keeper is required to put the note of your order on the table as soon as you have made the order. This normally happens in a small glass. According to the law as a customer if the tavern-keeper does not bring it and you do not claim it you can be called complicity !!! Of course the notes only arrive when the presence of the control inspectors are present on the island (like Greek phone) otherwise no ticket is made and the cash register has a button to open without typing the ticket. The absence of a ticket on a table costs a fine of about 250 euros per ticket.


It is the DODEKANISOS region that “rents” the coastal areas that all belong to the Greek state. Restaurants can only rent spaces that correspond to the drop of their establishment and they pay annually (around 800 euros per year) to deploy either sunbathing or tables. Apart from large islands like Kos or Rodos, sunbathing is available to guests who have lunch at the tavern but this tends to change, often on the part of tourists who rarely play the game of such a gift.


GREECE was not registered, and to date almost 50% of the country is registered. It was possible before to take some liberties by building in the islands.
At present all this has changed and all constructions must be legalized within 3 months for Greeks and 6 months for foreigners from 15 October 2018. The checks are done by helicopter and it started at KOS.
Architectural constraints are important at the level of building permits to respect the cultural environment of the islands according to their stories. These constraints are mainly in terms of the colors of the facets, but also the size of the windows and it is almost impossible to make floor-to-ceiling windows.


These are the payroll taxes of employees who work for you in construction companies. It is necessary to specify before the work that must settle them because as a customer you are in solidarity in case of default of the contractor. However, even after your companies’ commitment to take care of them it is quite common that this is not the case and this can be for you the bad surprise at the end of construction. In any case it is easier to plan to pay you directly from the beginning of the construction and to ask the contractors prices outside IKA!!