Coffee is a real institution in Greece from morning to night with different kinds of preparation and assortments.  In the morning, before going to work. The coffee can then be bought on the take-out road. You will see many people on the subway, in their cars, in the office with a plastic cup containing the precious nectar.

  • All day, on the terrace, watching passers-by, even late at night. The coffee tasting is quiet,it is an opportunity to exchange for long hours with friends and family.
  • Between men, kafenio enjoys traditional Greek coffee in the late morning and early evening.
  • On the other hand, the tradition of coffee to finish the meal, is not widespread. In fact, some taverns do not serve coffee at the time of service.

but it’s not easy to order it….


This iced drink, made from coffee, made of foam and enjoyed extremely slowly on the terrace, has long since dethroned the traditional Greek coffee(ELINIKO).  Greek coffee, called ELINIKO, is served in a tiny coffee cup. It is prepared in a“briki”,a tiny pot in which coffee and water are poured (possibly a little sugar depending on whether you want them SKETO, or METRIO). You’ll have to wait, you arm with patience, so that the coffee grounds settles at the bottom! You can then enjoy this coffee with such a special taste.

It is ordered without sugar(SKETO),a little sweet(METRIO)or very sweet(GLYKO),with or without milk. The quintessential thirst-quenching drink.

  • METRIO – medium
  • ZESTO – hot
  • SKETO – dry
  • GLYKO – sweet


  • LIGO: a bit
  • GALA: Milk
  • ZARARI: sweet

The tradition of Greek coffee comes from Ottoman culture, which strongly influenced Greek culture, especially after the massive arrival of the Greeks from Turkey in 1922.

It is renowned that it takes three chairs for a Greek to settle down. One to sit, one to extend the foot to one side and a third to extend the hand on the opposite side!!