A new activity in  LEROS with marinas for pleasure boats. Many boaters brought their boats back to Turkey and kept them in the Greek islands of DODEKANISOS.

LEROS has many advantages for this with three price-competitive marinas. But also an airport located near the two northern marinas allowing easy logistics. In addition LEROS has unlike the islands near Dodecanisos a coastline for fairground anchorages in PANDELI and VROMOLITHOS.

There are two marinas to the north near the airport in PARTHENI

and one in LAKKI.   ( EVROS and AGMAR ) … three Evros Agmar dry guarding sites. A PARTHENI the marina ARTEMIS which can accommodate hundreds of boats .. what more could you ask for? Not to mention the three fishing ports (PANDELI, XEROCAMPOSDRYMONAS and AGHIA MARINA… reserved for Leriotes fishermen … Please not to pleasure boats!

The marina of  PARTHENI is right next to the airport easily travel and it is very simple to have a rental car delivered to the parking lot upon arrival.


LEROS is the favourite island for sailing sailors! Sheltered bays of  meltemi thanks to the incredibly cut ribs: LAKKI of course – but also XEROCAMPOS, VROMOLITHOS,  ALINDA, BLEFOUTIS,  PARTHENI, ARCHANGHELOS, and GOURNA (for small drafts) …   Excellent fairground anchorages with of course the warm welcome of all our friends from Leros!

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