With a view of LAKKI….

The new migrant camp opened in winter 2021 in LEPIDA

All European leaders praise the new migrant camp made by the MITSOTAKISgovernment. These are closed camps where the occupants cannot get out, so it’s called a prison. The LEROS camp was made in the winter of 2021 in the middle of the pandemic and this did not benefit the island which did not benefit from it, even in terms of jobs and even less in terms of compensation.

It gave rise to controversy since when the Leriot workers were not allowed to work because of the pandemic, those of the state to carry out the camp were … with all transfers also from ATHENS for the equipment …

Located above the old camp, in LEPIDA in the south of the island, the new camp is of a terrible aesthetic monstrosity and unlike other islands it has not been “hidden. So from LAKKI you now have the view of the bay massacred by this building with the bonus at night a lighting worthy of the best prisons in the world.

So the misery of migration is therefore well hidden away from Western eyes, for the tranquility of European countries. Apparently the models are becoming a real reference in terms of security. According to the latest news, there were 89 migrants in the camp…. A real success of European politics…