Tilos is an island lost in the wilderness. The small number of tourists who visit Tilos has allowed the inhabitants to keep their traditional kindnesses and hospitalities.
Beautiful and never crowded, the beaches are the best asset of TILOS. Time stops in this wilderness. Hikes in the TILOS nature reserve and discover a slow-motion lifestyle. It’s a well-kept secret, an island where nature abounds and hikes are truly beautiful and lonely.
A gem of wild greenery that offers a unique ecosystem throughout the Mediterranean but still largely preserved from outdoor tourism.
Under the leadership of the Mayor of TILOS, the island is becoming a model of sustainable development. From now on, the island is independent in water and energy whereas it was very recently completely dependent on RODOS. This freed up resources so that Tilos would now have his own boat. The model is viewed by many islands in Greece and Europe by the intelligent use of all nature’s resources.
In addition, it was decided to limit the number of simultaneous tourists on the island to 15,000, in view of the growing and wild demand especially in terms of marriage like Santorini.
TILOS is truly a landmark island for those who go there once in a lifetime !!!
Tilos is a smallisland sublime w ith its  identity. It is a European model for its SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT model. Under the leadership of two different mayors, the island acquired a real intelligence of Evie as well as with the migrants.

Where is the island of Tilos?S outh of NISIROS with the island of Chaliki to the north is TILOS Island. Tilos  is 63  kms2  home to only 500 inhabitants. You can go to the island of Piraeus, but also the island of Amorgos, RODOS etc. The island of Tilos is mountainous with a peak of 650 m (Mount Profitis Ilias) The island is usually arid with a lot of bays and beaches.
TILOS has beautiful beaches, pristine nature and medieval castles.  Tilos  is a peaceful island with an authentic atmosphere and few inhabitants. It is ideal for resting . The port of the island is Livadia is very beautiful with its natural port.
The capital of the island is MEGALO CHORIO.  It is located in the north of the island. It is built as a hillside amphitheatre. The village isdominated by the  ruins of a fortress built, by  the knights of Saint John. Megalo Chorio understands the location of the ancient city, as evidenced by the remains that can be seen, even today between the houses. Within the Town Hall, you can find a collection with objects from the excavations carried out on the island.
The monastery of AGHIOS ANTONIOS. It is 2 kms from Megalo Chorio in a green area. It was builtand founded  at the 18th Sc. It is surrounded  by awall and has  a hospice. Agios Antonios is a tiny port with a few tavernas on the water’s edge, under old trees. Superb…
The beaches of TILOS  is located in LIVADI, Agios Antonios and Plaka but the large sandy beach of Eristos is in my opinion the most beautiful. This beach  is lined with trees under which to rest (pictured below
TiLOS CELEBRATIONS  : The island’s rites are preserved. If you’re on the island on July 28th, follow the “Cup Dance.” On July 27, be present at the village festival of Agios Panteleimonas (pictured below) which takes place in the monastery located  in a beautiful isolated site, overlooking the sea.


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