Tourism in Greece and more particularly in DODEKANISOS is thus one of the main resources of the country. Every year Greece welcomes more tourists than the number of its national population  ! With 15,000km of coastline (two thirds of which are island), the Greek coastline allows for a unique tourist activity in Europe and the Mediterranean.

There are clearly two types of tourism in the Dodekanisos. A mass tourism that will be found in KOS, RODOS in particular with HOTELS without great Greek atmospheres and tourism in search of traditional and authenticity, foreigners who live in the Greek way and stay several months on the islands as in LEROS and PATMOS.

This is also the case of KALYMNOS which has true lovers of the island and also followers of CLIMBING for sports holidays.

Today, the “resident” foreign population in Dodecanese is about 15.

In 2015, GREECE welcomed nearly 26 million tourists, an all-time high that surpasses the 30 million recorded in 2017.

National currencies are mainly the result of tourism, which brings in more than 3 billion euros a year. Tourism accounts for 16 of GDP, a ratio of tourism to GDP twice as high as France, which is renowned for its tourism-related income. Cumulative tourism revenues brought the economy more than 17  billion euros in 2014 and the sector accounts for almost one in five jobs, seasonal for many (19 in 2014). It will be understood that Greece’s current economic stakes are complex.