Transportation from Leros is complicated !!!

Travelling to DODEKANISOS is not always easy. Even though we are in Europe the trips can be very long.

Some islands like KOS, RODOS, KARPATHOS, LEROS, KASTELORIZO and KALYMNOS have airports but with the exception of the first three that are international, they are small runways that cannot accommodate large aircraft. . Flights are very quickly saturated so more in the case of Leros who must absorb the traffic of the Patmiotes … !!! However, the major airports bought since the Greek crisis of 2009, the possibilities are immense with charters in particular. Work undertaken at Ippokratis Airport in KOS are colossal with the lengthening of a track and especially the doubling. This will transfigure the island in the next two years.

For many years, a lobby of Athenian hoteliers has been encouraging the national airline AEGEAN AIRLINES to transport tourists from the islands at least one night to ATHENS. Also Aegean Airlines planes often arrive in the evening when their planes (Dash) for the small islands of the Dodecanese depart in the morning before 10 o’clock … making any match impossible !!!

The journeys of visiting several Greek islands from different archipelagos during the same trip are very complicated. Unless you systematically stop in Athens.

If you can’t fly (about 1 hour), you’ll still have the only BLUESTAR FERRIES ferry line from Piraeus. the schedules are very fluctuating but you can make a night connection by leaving in the evening until midnight. The transport conditions are good especially if you have a practice. Travel time also varies between 8 a.m. for Patmos until 4 p.m. for RODOS.

Not all islands are served on every route. Evolution due to the crisis , the BLUESTARS FERRIES that in the past sailed straight to the easternmost archipelago, now stops in the islands of the Cyclades sometimes including Amorgos and Syros.

Ferries used to run every day of the week, now it’s only 4 deserts a week. travel time has increased by more than 20 due to fuel savings.




BLUE STARS ferries   only serve the island 3 times a week, or even 4 in summer. There are in principle two ferries that alternate the direction RHODES-ATHENES and ATHENS-RHODES. Since 2021, a fast boat of HELLINIC SEAWAYS reduces the crossing of the 160 km from 12 to 8 hours. The ferry arrives and departs from LAKKI except big swell and in both directions it only passes the night, especially from Athens where it arrives at LEROS at 4:35 in the morning.

Sometimes on Sunday mornings, the two BLUE STARS cross paths in LAKKI Bay.



In summer, Leros airport serves as a departure and arrival base for the islands of PATMOS and LIPSI as well. Suffice to say that it is not easy to find a ticket and the vagaries of the weather (the wind) play some years of very ugly trick by flight cancellations for several days.

Only 45 minutes flight from Athens. The lucky ones can make a connection on the way but this is rare, the plane often leaving early in the morning. sometimes there is also a bowl in the afternoon. But it’s very random.



Ah the poor pilots of the SKY EXPRESS!!! They regularly make a loop between the islands from RODOS, KOS, KALYMNOS , LEROS and sometimes ASTYPALEIA. The intention is commendable because the connections could be valuable if the schedules matched well. So the flights are chip jumps of 10 to 15 minutes, sold at a golden price and often the plane that arrives in Leros is empty and the rest for the departure.


Finally, for the wealthiest, let’s mention the existence of BATEAU TAXI which will connect you with KOS AIRPORT.


On the island, you will move mainly by taxi but more surely by renting a car or a scooter. There is also a bus line that runs from BLEFOUTIS to LAKKI. The schedules and stops are quite random and especially the bus do not stop at the airport …


The CATAMARANS DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS thus connect the DODEKANISOS islands are very fast airboat boats, much faster than the ferry for the same route. It is also more expensive. When the sea is bad, it can shake a little but most of the time it is a pleasure to sail between the different islands of the region.

Every departure from a port is a small tear and every arrival in a new port promises a new adventure.

Speed has a price. Rates are twice as high as ferries, but also twice as fast and more frequent.



A new 2019 with this boat formerly based in PATMOS which from LEROS every morning offers a route between the islands to discover them for a day.

A very nice initiative to promote internal travel at a lower cost…


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