Unusual Leros….

There is always something going on on this small island of LEROS.

As the LERIOTES say when they have the KEFI anything can happen and especially a lot of generosity. A small collection of a few little things that do not happen as elsewhere sometimes …

A small island but there is so much going on… the kutsovoleio are responsible for relaying the rumors and to distinguish the true from the false it takes several “sources”

You can visit the YOUTUBE channel of the MUNICIPALITY DE LEROS to see the spirit of the debates…

Leros Unusual

These magnificent wind turbines that make up the view of the western part of the island and more particularly of AGHIOS ISIDOROS produce a significant amount of electric current given their exposures. They make it possible to produce electricity for the island of
by an underwater cable. And as it is a real model of sustainable development, it is envisaged to set up new ones. Unlike the island of TILOS which has its energy independence as a European model, LEROS suffers many power cuts permanently since it depends on KALYMNOS.

It has wind turbines but not electricity. Why fqire simple when you can make it complicated…