The weather in GREECE in the DODEKANISOS with more than 3,000 hours of  sunshine per year.. In practical terms, the climate is very warm in July and August and pleasant from May until mid-November. The winter is harsh with lots of rain and wind.

In the islands, the tourist season lasts from the beginning of May, when the weather starts to become mild, until the end of October, when the rain begins to fall. July and August are considered the very high season. You should know that the climate of the islands allows you to discover them in much quieter and serene periods, i.e. in May, June, September and October. Notice to amateurs.



It is the summer wind of the Greek islands of Dodecanese. It still has the same south-facing orientation. The meltemi is the north-northwesterly wind that sometimes blows violently on the coastof of the Dodecanisos. When the meltemi rises, the west-facing beaches can become impassable. As well as navigation, when the wind becomes particularly strong. Namely during your stay: the beaches to the east are always sheltered from the wind on all the islands of the region while the west coasts are more suitable for kitesurfing or windsurfing.

During the winter the wind is then oriented from south to north and can be extremely cold. In 2022 for a very long time, there was snow on the island of KOS.


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