Why white greek houses ?

The snow-white color of white greek houses reflects heat while black absorbs it. During the summer months, indoor temperatures are greatly reduced. It’s a cheap natural painting at all in addition. The houses  have bleached terraces and not roofs to collect water from the rare rains of the islands and the rounded edges of the houses allow to better support the meltems of August.

In the islands where we see this matte white color of the houses, we feel the purity of the place in every sense of the word. The houses are  whitewashed for hygiene reasons. It is a natural disinfectant that does not destroy any living organisms when it is dry. Painted walls of this bright, velvety white color can “breathe” because lime contains pores while vinyl paint is actually a waterproof plastic cover. The Greeks also paint trees  up to 1 m high, alleys and sidewalks to make you feel clean. They paint their houses in early summer, in May-June, for the hygiene reasons I mentioned.

What is the symbol of white? It is the color of the light sign of purity and cleanliness in every sense of the word. It is a sign of spirituality and holiness: This is why many Greek churches are covered in white. It’s a noble color: That’s why dressing in white in summer is always a brand of delicatesse.

The white color is the national color of Greece going well with the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Think of the Greek flag that represents the 5 seas (the stripes in blue). For patriotic reasons, blue and white took its place at the beginning of the 20th century, with this symbolism of rebirth, following the war of independence against a 400-year-old Ottoman Turkish yoke. And then, the whitewashed houses that constrast with with the blue of their doors and windows go so well with the blue of the cloudless Greek sky in summer. The landscapes of whitewashed Greek houses are characteristic of the country, it’s clear. And then tourism did the rest: visitors like to see the white houses lining the winding alleys of the cyclades villages.

The white color, background color to amaze you. How beautiful it is to walk in the small alleys of the Cyclades embellished with bougainvillea and other flowers in bright and bright colors. Intensely. Greeks love flowers and few Greeks are mostly old who do not have at least 10 flower pots at home. And then, the brightly painted shutters are found all over Greece, from north to south, even if the houses are not painted lime in Crete and mainland Greece. The rules of the real estate in Leros

At LEROS of Italian tradition the colors of blue and cream beige are accepted during building permits.

White greek houses

White greek houses