The works of the port of LAKKI seems to become the object of the third round of the municipal elections…. June 2019 saw the re-election of the Mayor of Leros Mr. Miraklis KOLIAS for a third term. He represented the party of the defeated Prime Minister, Alexis TSIPRAS. The two candidates who came second and third represented the new national majority in Greece with the party of Neo Demokratia of Kyriakos MITSOTAKIS. In Leros, if Mr KOLIAS was re-elected mayor, the fact remains that a majority of councillor represents Neo Demokratia with Messrs LOULOUDIAS and PAVLIS. this makes the management of that municipality very delicate as this first complex diossier concerning important works at LAKKI.


For yesterday’s meeting of the Leros City Council: “A black page was written today in the history of the Leros City Council because, at today’s meeting, the opposition had voted against granting our municipality a loan for investments totalling EUR 3,283.3,716. Included in the “FILODIMOS I” programme, for the implementation of the project “Supply and installation of equipment to improve the management of the water supply network of the municipality of Leros”. Leriki’s society as a whole was left unconcerned by the levelling and inexplicable attitude of the opposition, which voted “present”, despite the positive recommendation of the mayor, the legal adviser of our municipality, Mr. Araponiaris, as well as the Head of the Financial Service. and the head of the technical department, Mr. Lellina, who, despite the detailed explanations he gave to the organization, believes that our municipality will not be charged a single euro of this type. opposition councillors voted against an integrated program and funding.

The same was true of the issue of “The restoration of the L/C/L ships of the Lakki harbour wharf”, which concerns the safety of passengers and ships and should be restored as soon as possible. On this issue, four municipal councillors of the opposition (Mr. Louloudias, Mr Trampoulis, Moudakis, Karabatis) voted “present”, which should be explained to our fellow citizens. It is clear that the majority of opposition councillors cannot understand the seriousness of the issues on which he speaks, with painful results for our island. They finally understand what the municipal elections are about to end and that we cannot afford to return 4,000,000 purchases, prices, taxes and fees for this product Even at the last moment, Mayor Colia calls all councillors to opposition. be informed by the legal counsel and municipal services so that the matter can be referred to the next meeting, so as not to lose valuable funding, the program.

It was in September 2019…. The rest is coming…